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    unlock the potential of offshore Banking :
  • Opportunity goes to those who Hunt  !
  • Tomo​rrow's Result depends on Today's effort.
  • Vision before Action.
  • Have an edge over others :  investment precedes Dividend.

BankButler assists in the opening of offshore Bank account in Singapore on behalf of overseas companies.

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        Offshore Banking Concierge

We offer Offshore Bank Opening, Incorporation & Trade Finance services

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What is Corporate Banking ?   

A range of Financial Services provided by banks to Corporations and large businesses.

The services includes : 

  • Credit Facilities                        

      Cash Management
      Trade Finance
      Treasury Services
      Capital Markets
      Advisory Services.

Why is Corporate Banking essential for business owners ?

  • Access to Capital

       Financial Management
       International Trade Support
       Strategic Advices
       Relationship Management
       Risk Mitigation

BankButler helps to simplify the process of bank application for you :

1.    Advise on the respective banks suitability to the client's profile needs.

2.   Introducer to some Offshore Banks for easy access to the opening process.

3.   Collation of all your supporting documents required by the bank.

4.   Liaise directly with Bank's Relationship Manager to reduce "red tape" requests.

5.   Engage with client as a bridge to the bank for other banking facilities for expansion

      & growth expansion.

6.   Value added services as Trade Finance Management provider.

BankButler has successfully opened corporate accounts for foreign clients with SG and HK entiites with the following banks :

abc bank

We are also an introducer to a renowned Mauritius Bank

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