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Iwomen speciality in offering bank opening services
Secure your wealth, expand your Horizons !

Offshore Banking can be useful for expansion and growth for your business operations.

  Benefits of Singapore Offshore Banking account :
  • Politically stable & strong economy.
  • Access to International/Global markets.
  • Capital preservation.
  • Currency hedging in multiple currencies.
  • High level of data confidentiality.
  • Family office structure - tax holding.
  • Reduce tax revenue in home country.
  • Robust trade operations.
  • Banking Secrecy and Privacy.
  • Availability of specialised products/services.
Why Singapore - look at the benefits !
  How does Offshore Banking account helps in trade operations ?
  • Streamline cross border transactions.
  • Trade settlements for payments & receipts.
  • Issuance of Letter of Credits & Guarantees.
  • Trade financing services solutions.
  • Working capital loans.
  • Discounting Bills & Receivables.
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Compliance & Documentation.
Why offshore banking is important
 Requirements for Offshore Banking account :
  • Onboarding Policies. 
  • Compliance Review on UBOs.
  • Opening Fees by Banks.
  • Initial deposit.
  • Monthly minimum balance.
  • Extended bank opening process due to compliance Review.
  • Maintenance fees only when balance fall below. 
  • Risk evaluation by bank.
What you need to open offshore banking account
  Opening an Offshore Banking Account in Singapore​ :
  • Incorporate a Singapore registered legal entity.
  • Assign a Corporate Secretary Service.
  • Appoint a Local Nominee Director.
  • After incorporation, submit bank opening application.
  • BankButler will prepare necessary arrangement & documentation to commence bank opening process.
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In Partnership with the following banks :

Top 3 banks in Singapore.
Reliable Malaysian bank with in Singapore
Top 3 banks in Singapore
Great Malaysian bank with a variety of bank products
Dynamic Malaysian bank with Singapore presence.
Excellent Malaysian bank with Singapore presence.
Bankbutler can help you.

Banking beyond borders made effortless by BankButler

banking opening process
Trust - a crucial factor in partnerships & corporate relationships.

The banks that we deal with adhere strict AML policies set by Monetary Authority of Singapore. 
encourage legitimate business operations and assist companies who are serious to expand their operations in this region.

We are not robots, we are Humans !

"Unlocking the vibrant potential of Asia Pacific markets is a strategi move for savvy business owners aiming to expand their growth horizons. From dynamic consumer trends to emerging technological landscapes, the region offers boundless opportunities. By fostering innovative strategies failored to diverse cultures and leveraging digital platforms for seamless connectivity, businesses can penetrate new markets with confidence".

BankButer is here to assist you in your journey of success to

open a banking account in our region.

We work in partnership with several local & overseas bankers.

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let us know your needs.

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