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Inspire, Educate, Thrive - iWomen's Vision

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iWomen Asia Community

iWomen Asia promotes harmony and adopts these upright values as foundation for all women.

     Independence,         Every woman desires to be independent for herself & family.

W   Worksmart,             Law of the Jungle,  outWit, outSmart, outLast.

O      Objective,               OKR,   Vision, writing it down.

M      Mentorship,            Sharing skillsets,  experiences and guidances.         

E      Educating,              Nurturing young and adult women to build the right MINDSET.

N      Network,                Right connections are key factor mutual benefits & growth.


Represents freedom
Women beliefs working as a team enriches
Iwomen promotes mentorship in the community.
Iwomen main objective
Educating allows community to gain knowledge.
Iwomen collaboration network

About us.

iWomen Asia is a business oriented platform by women, for women.

to help women fulfill their aspirations to be independent from their hard work and networking.
Knowledge and skillsets are fundamental to self-growth. 

Character building has been denoted with our 12 "Cs" principles that
many can relate to be successful in life.

We have dedicated this space specifically for women to make their contributions in terms of articles,  sharing and mentoring with the goal to nurture our fellow members.   

Community bonding, cultivating mentorships, connecting with each other 
and contributing towards betterment can give rise to extensive
career & business opportunities.

Let's take this journey together to reach our goals that can impact not
just ourselves but our families and loved ones.

Reach out to us.  We are here to listen !

Partnerships & Affiliates Collaboration.

To build this robust community, we are excited to extend an invitation for partnerships collaboration with light minded professionals, business owners (regardless of gender) interested to expand their growth beyond their turf.

We have an alliance representation for your products where it will
be listed  in our "Product Showcase" section.

iWomen Asia is strategically located in Singapore where the country
is one of the founding ASEAN members.  We are connected with
efficient transportation networks that build efficient supply chain
connectivity and we can be your strategic partners to grow your business operations.

We believe strongly that partnership and collaboration can be built by adoption of the 12cs' principles on character integrity & trust.

Join us as a member and together we can create a vibrant community!


Unity Wheel

Twelve "Cs" principles in character building

12 Character trials
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